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Hello World

To create gadgets you have to know HTML, JavaScript(or VBScript) and CSS. In this article we will create "Hello World" gadget.

To create new project, go File-Create project. After project has been created the form "Gadget Settings" will appear. Here you should enter gadget properties:

  • Name(Required) - A name that is displayed in the gadget picker, on the Windows Sidebar “Add Gadget” page, and the Sidebar itself,
  • Version(Required) - Specifies the version information for the gadget,
  • Copyright(Optional) – Gadgets copyright,
  • Resume(Optional) – Short information about the gadget.

When you finally fill in all fields, press OK.


Gadget task is to display the line “Hello world” and now, in the editor between tags <body> and </body> please insert this line: <p>Hello World</p>.

Now we have to save the gadget. Gadget Creator saves the project in gcp(Gadget Creator Project) format. To save the project, go File-Save project, select where you want to save the project and click Save.

To see how gadget works, we should “compile” it. To compile project go Gadget-Compile. Compile dialog will appear, select where you want to save gadget and press Save. Then run the gadget.

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